Monday, September 26, 2011

New Dell Inspiron 1545 UK Keyboard Genuine Part

If you have one of the popular Dell Inspiron 1545 machines, we have the genuine Dell UK keyboard in stock for this machine. The Dell 1545 keyboard is easy to fit, the upper keyboard trim can be removed to expose the keyboard and it lifts off. We have some general fitting instructions for guidance when fitting your Dell 1545 keyboard so please click the link. You need to be careful when replacing your inspiron 1545 keyboard especially when removing the ribbon as these are easy to break.
If you need any more help please email us .

Sunday, June 12, 2011

HP HDMI Laptop price crash - only £279 Brand New

If you still want to surf the internet on a viewable screen and not spend half your life scrolling check out the new HP CQ62 laptop, this is a cheap hdmi laptop, and for a low price hdmi laptop, its packed full of features, with hd graphics upto 768MB from the shared memory, this cheap windows 7 laptop is ideal for all home or office applications. Times are tough and if you're shopping for a budget hd laptopto view internet content, watch movies or just purely for surfing, this CQ62 machine is a low price new laptop.
Also available at The Laptops Spares Shop we have the new Asus X5DC Laptop, again with full HD screen and brand new with 12 month warranty.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dell Laptops with 3 year Warranty

At The Laptop Spares Shop, we now stock Dell certified refurbished laptops. Starting at only £359 including taxes, the Dell Inspiron 15R laptop is one of Dell's newest models. With 15.6" HD screen, integrated webcam and SD card reader, they are packed with features. Our Dell Inpsiron N5030 laptops are available with Celeron or Dual Core processors, and have the sleek yet practical Dell 3D black casing. Best of all, these Dell machines also have a full 3 year EU wide Dell warranty, which covers all hardware issues. If you want fantastic value in a new laptop purchase, look no further !!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Acer Aspire Keyboard Fitting

Ok so dont worry about having to fit your own [spin]acer/aspire/laptop/notebook/travelmate[/spin]uk keyboard.
This is a repair that can be very[spin]expensive/costly/pricey/extortionate/inflated/overpriced[/spin] if taken to a repairer, especially if they are also supplying the keyboard.
So it makes alot of sense for you to[spin]complete/approach/carry out/undertake/tackle[/spin] the job yourself !!


You will need a [spin]small/tiny/pocket/jewellers/mini/minature[/spin]flat screwdriver, and a phillips screwdriver.
Disconnect your laptop from the mains, flip it over and remove the battery from underneath by sliding open the battery catches. There are three phillips screws
which you need to[spin]remove/unscrew/unfasten/take out/extract/loosen/[/spin] to unlock the keyboard trim.

Once these are removed turn over your [spin]acer/aspire/travelmate[/spin]laptop and gently slide you flat screwdriver under the plastic trim above the keyboard.
[spin]lever/prise/lift/force/push[/spin]up the plastic cover gently to expose the keyboard.
Gently lift up the keyboard and very carefully [spin]push/unclip/ease/nudge[/spin]the tiny clips which lock the keyboard ribbon to the top of the motherboard.

Gently [spin]slide/push/seat/ease/dock[/spin] the new keyboard ribbon into place and push down the clips to lock the ribbon in, take very great care here as it is easy to
break he keyboard ribbon clips.

Repeat the above steps in reverse to complete the installation of you acer aspire[spin]4210/4220/4310/4315/4320/4510/4520/4710/4715/4720/4920/
5220/5310/5315/5320/5520/5710/5720/5910/5920/7720[/spin]laptop keyboard.

Also dont[spin]disgard/dispose of/throw away/get rid of/scrap/destroy/break up/disregard[/spin] your broken or old keyboard.You can keep this in case you [spin]damage/knock off/unclip/break/smash/crack/splinter[/spin] any of the keys on your new keyboard.

These notes apply mainly to the Aspire laptop range, but the design of travelmate and extensa machines is very similar also.
The main thing to remember is to be [spin]careful/cautious/steady/fastidious/delicate/gentle[/spin] when approaching the repair, dont try and rush th job!
We hope these notes help you to carry out this relatively simple keyboard repair, and please let us know how you get on.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Acer Aspire Keyboards

We have just received more Acer Aspire keyboards, for Aspire 6530 , Aspire 6930, and Aspire 8920. These are all new UK keyboards and ready to ship with FREE shipping. We also have in some top quality yet cheap xp laptops with the HP nc6220 machines including 1GB Ram, Wifi, and Centrino 1.73 GHZ processor. These would make an ideal gift for any level of user, and are quicker than most new Vista machines.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's amazing how much like XP the beta version of Windows 7 is !? Sure it has the glossy rounded edges of Vista, but it's been stripped down and rolled back to deliver what most people want - simplicity and speed.
Good thought this maybe, there will still be the usual 'teething problems' to endure, and if vista is anything to go by, it could be late 2010 before we can fully trust Windows 7 to behave itself.

Meanwhile, the tried and tested XP Pro still endures, and while it maybe a rare thing on a new machine, ex-corporate machines have been built to outlast the high street specials, and built to run XP. So check out our xp laptops, all fully tested with a clean install of XP Pro, engineer's report and ready to run, and run, and run until Windows 7 gets here !!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fujitsu Lifebooks - Find a Better Laptop

Buying a laptop is a personal thing right ? The boys will argue for hours on end about their own personal favourite - some like the slick looking sony vaio's (the girls also like them for this and also they do a pink one !) Some will argue that HP make the best & true they take some beating - well built, well styled & very well supported.

The truth is, most manufacturers make two or three levels of machine, with budget low end machines to cater for a mass market, like the ASUS eee pc. The likes of Acer, Advent and Medion focus on this segment, selling high volumes through chain stores etc, but reliablity may not be good.

Most brands will make a business level range of machines, with the Dell Latitudes being consistently some of the best. If you want a machine which is more likely to outlast a supermarket special then the business units will last the course. The Fujitsu Lifebook range are right at the top of the business market - starting from £800 new. These machines just tend to keep going, and the styling is certainly in the Vaio mould.